Pricing Policy

Below are the prices and rules

Morning RATES
(Held at the waratah site)


The morning rates are from 6.30 AM until 9.00 AM. 



The afternoon rates are from 2:30 PM until 6:00 PM. 

Payment in Advance

Upon being offered a place at the service, parent(s) or guardian are required to pay a bond, enrollment fee and 2 full weeks fees in advance payment.

The bond secures your childs placement at the service. The bond may be used to cover and/or settle your final account.

Families wishing to terminate their childs place at the service are required to give written notice of their intended date of termination. If the family has a permanent booking, fees for the full term will still be required.

Upon termination, and written notice received to Nominated Supervisor, bond payment that was paid at time of enrollment will be returned or deducted on final payment.

Payment on Absence

Fees are payable on sick days if those days fall on a day that a child is booked into the service. Hunter Christian OOSH has a No Cancellation policy for all services, BSC and ASC.

If a child is booked in on a day that has been deemed a Pupil Free Day by the school, regular fees will be charged.

You must cancel your child for the day to avoid a No Cancellation fee of $10.00 per child. The Cancellation fee will be charged of $10.00 per child per session if you do not cancel.

Late Fee

Should children be present after 6PM closing time, you are required to pay the Late Fee. After 6PM the charge of $10.00 for the first 5 minutes and $20 for every 5 minutes there after.

If you drop your children off before opening hours a similar fee will be charged.

CCS will be deducted once Centrelink has been notified.