Medical and Health


Parents/ guardian who wish medication to be administered to their child  will complete the medication form providing the following information:

  • Original container
  • Your child’s name
  • The dosage to be given
  • The expiry date of medication

Where medication for treatment of long term conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, or ADHD is required, the service will require an individual medical management plan from the child’s medical practitioner or specialist detailing the medical condition of the child, correct dosage of any medication as prescribed and how the condition is to be managed in the service environment.

All medication must be signed in.

Medical and Health Issues 

We will take all reasonable steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through the implementation of procedures that are consistent with guidelines of State Health Authorities.

Children with infectious diseases will be excluded from the service for the period recommended by the Department of Health.
Where there is an outbreak of an infectious disease immediately a notice will be placed at sign in desk for all  parents to see.

Parents /guardians are advised upon enrolment and in regular  reminders not to bring sick children to the service and to arrange prompt collection of children who are unwell .

A child or adult will be considered sick if he/she:

  • sleeps at unusual times, is lethargic
  • has a fever over 37°
  • is crying constantly from discomfort
  • vomits or has diarrhoea
  • is in need of constant one to one care
  • shows symptoms of an infectious disease

If a child is unwell at home parents are not permitted to bring the child to the centre. Children who appear unwell when being signed in by their parent/ guardian will not be permitted to be left at the service.

If a child becomes ill or develops symptoms at the centre the parents  will be contacted to take the child home. Where the parents are not available emergency contacts will be called to ensure the child is removed from the service promptly.

Emergency Assistance 

If your child/children has been injured or is ill while at the centre and if the Educators thinks it is necessary you may need to arrange urgent medical or dental care from a doctor an ambulance for your child/children and/or for your child/children to be taken to hospital.

If any of these things occur, the Educators at the centre will make reasonable effort to contact you as soon as possible.