Service Information

Before and After School Care

At Hunter Christian OOSH Centre we look after pre-Kindergarten to year 6. The Centre is open from 7.00am for Before school care and until 6.00pm for after school care and the children are cared for by mature, friendly, caring and qualified educators. Mornings include a free setup program with light breakfast. 

 Our Afterschool program includes:

  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Craft, construction and imagination play

Afternoon tea will be provided, based on a nutritional menu.

Access to premise

Hunter Christian OOSH is located in rooms ” E1 – E2″ above the school hall. To enter, head down the concrete pathway and follow the OOSH signs. Mobility access is available though school library.

Sign In and Sign Out Sheets

These sheets must be signed daily, and each child must be signed in individually. This is a legal document to say that your child/ren were in our care between the signed times. This document is also used in cases of any emergency evacuation. Children that are signed in are noted as being in our care and those children will be accounted for.